Will PS3 late hitter GTA V really affect PS4 sales that much?

Many journalists seem to think so, but can one game really affect one of the biggest console launches to date?

Sony announced at Gamescom that they have already got over 1 million preorders for the PS4 worldwide, which is a very solid figure. One game could dent their sales at launch, Grand Theft Auto V.

While Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most anticipated games this year, here are our reasons why we think GTA V will not have much effect on the sales of the PS4.

-The PS4 comes out 2 full months after GTA V – Meaning that most people will have had time to play most if not all of the singleplayer, and will have had a lot if time put into GTA Online too making them want something different to buy/play. Lets face it, even though its Grand Theft Auto, the hype which there is now will not be at the same level two months into the games lifespan.

-Many people who are planning to buy a PS4 will be selling their PS3′s – While you may think the people who are planning to sell their current gen consoles don’t care about GTA V, many people are anticipating GTA V to come on the PS4. The only reason Rockstar have kept quiet on a potential next-gen version is because they don’t want to affect the PS3 sales of the game when it launches.

-Many want to experience a game such as GTA V with great graphics, not just ‘good’ graphics – Similar t the last point, people who want to play these PS3 games which are also coming out to PS4 (e.g. Watch Dogs), will wait until the PS4 launches or until the title comes to the PS4 to play it so that they get the absolute best experience in terms of graphics and gameplay.


There are our reasons on why GTA V will not affect the PS4′s sales too much. Agree/Disagree with anything in this article? Feel free to comment down below!

  • Bruno Espirito Santo

    Are you assuming without a shaddow of doubt that the GTA V is coming out to PS4?
    Same way people were expecting RDR on PC?

    I hope the game come out in every platform possible so everyone get to experience this great piece of work… But i wouldn’t bet my right leg that it will come out for any platforms other than XB360 and PS3.

    • Lawking100

      Don’t compare Rockstar releasing games on PC to Rockstar releasing them on consoles. And yes, I’m expecting at least GTA Online to be released on PS4 at some point. It would be stupid of them not too.

      • MadaraUchiha

        Online is a different story…….It is a separate game in itself, like an MMO, so it will obviously be carried over to the PS4 and X1 and the generations beyond…..But the PS4 and X1 versions of gta 5 will take time.

        • Lawking100

          Exactly. But I don’t think online will be released on the PS4 from the get-go.

          • MadaraUchiha

            That is true.

      • Bruno Espirito Santo

        If you think about it for a second, you’ll see that it would be stupid of them if they actualy did it.

        Why would they release a current gen game on a next gen platform when they have the time and expertise (gathered from V) to make a all-new game? Uh?

        Imagine how Awesome will GTA, lets say, VI will be…

        If the game would come to PS4 and XB1, will be via Gaikai or something like that and it wont be a super-enhanced version of the game. At least some textures here and there, but in its core will be the same. And time-wise, it’ll be a looooong way down the road.