Are Rockstar being too ambitous too early with GTA Online? Or is it the right time?

I’m sure most of us will know by now that GTA Online is a different game in itself and promises to be one of the best online experiences of all time, but with Rockstar’s huge leap from GTA IV’s online to GTA Online, will Rockstar be able to pull it off?

GTA Online is considered to be an MMO style game by many, with its persistent 16 player  open world. Jumping from a 16 player online world to a persistent 16 player world is a big step in itself, but then you have everything else:

- Just about everything that is in the singleplayer, is in the multiplayer – Want to play tennis with your buds on GTA Online? You can do that. Want to rob banks? You can do that to!

-Owning your own apartments and garages, with your own CCTV cameras to see who is at your apartment door buzzing! It’s just crazy how many little touches are in the online mode

-Creating your own missions and races – Despite the creator tools being very simple and basic, Rockstar have said they will release more tools to help you create better missions and races further into the GTA Online life-cycle

They are just some of the main additions to GTA Online, they are many more! These three points just show us how ambitious Rockstar are with GTA Online. Will they be able to pull it all off? With the release of GTA Online a little under a month away, we will soon find out just how well Rockstar have done with Grand Theft Auto Online.

GTA V is set to release on September 17, while GTA Online will be releasing around 2 weeks later on October 1.

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  • Austin Harris

    They will pull it off, Rockstar never disappoints!