How long can the PS4 go before high-end PC computers outshine it?

Many would say High-end PC computers are already miles better than a PS4, but considering lots of developers create their games to be specially optimized for consoles, how long will it be until PC can hold more than 64 players on Battlefield or design prettier looking games?

PC technology is advancing all the time; PS4 technology has to stay the same until a new console is released. It’s not as easy as just installing a new graphics card into the PS4, as that is impossible to do.

How long can the PS4 compete with a high-end gaming PC before it plummets below its standards? two years? three? Here’s what we think about the PS4′s technology and its life-cycle.

The Facts

The PS4 has a AMD graphics card which is the same as a 7850 pretty much. The 7850 is a high mid-end graphics card which is significantly better than the outdated PS3 graphics card. PS4 also has a whopping 8GB’s of unified RAM, which is what most people have in their gaming PC’s today. Again, 8GB’s of RAM is almost 16x more than the PS3 had.


The PS3 was released in around 2007-2008, meaning it has had  a life-cycle of around 7 years. The PS3 technology was not considered the best when it was first released, so a 7 year life-cycle is pretty strong for a console that has some visually stunning games on it such as The Last Of Us.

The Verdict

We believe that the PS4 could have a life-cycle of around 10 years until we really see the difference in terms of graphics and server capacity when comparing the console to a high-end PC. Hell, it could go on even longer if they can figure out what all this ‘cloud computing’ is all about.

What do you think? Do you think the PS4 can go on for 10 years before you begin to see a significant difference in quality from a high-end PC? Or do you think the top gaming computers will be making leaps and bounds away from the technology every year? Let us know in the comments below!

The PS4 is set to launch on the November 15 in North America, and November 29 worldwide.

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  • Vulcanproject

    The jig was up the instant Sony and Microsoft decided to create consoles that were some way away from true cutting edge hardware mainly because of the financial burdens created by the losses of the existing generation hardware that WERE cutting edge when they released.

    As you outlined roughly Radeon 7850 performance is the fastest GPU in the new consoles and its low midrange right now. When X360 launched it’s GPU was genuinely cutting edge, right near the top of the performance tree back in late 2005.

    Sure enough, consoles are more efficient with their hardware but it also takes time to actually realise that efficiency advantage, at least a year. You don’t just rock up and see those benefits immediately even on console- Gears of War and Uncharted were the landmark early games for the existing generation and they both took a year from launch to appear.

    But PC hardware has already exceeded the consoles in raw horsepower by a factor of 2 BEFORE they even launch. By the time anyone gets hold of these consoles and starts to wring serious performance out of them in 2014, PC performance will be over the hill and far away.

    • spideynut71

      Yep, I just built a new rig about a year ago, and it still shlts all over the new consoles: i7 2600K OC’d to 4.5 GHz, 16 GB of 2133mHz RAM, MSI 660ti 3GB Twin Frozr. It runs Skyrim-ENB + about 20 graphics mods, and Crysis w/Realism Mod, at 1080p/60+fps. I’ve got both consoles pre-ordered, but I’m not dumb enough to expect either to compete with what’s possible on my PC. I just console game for the exclusives…nothing more.

      The author of this article is a clueless moron.

      • Frdjck

        How much did you pay for your PC?

        • spideynut71

          Well, the case is about 8 y.o., and it’s the 2nd time I’ve reused it ; I also reused my old 1000 watt PSU and my Win7 on a Samsung SSD. I sold my old CPU, RAM, MOBO and graphics card on Craigslist for a grand total of about $400. And, I shopped around for several months for my new components, getting deals on all of them, and even used some Amazon trade credit and game pre-order bonuses toward my 660ti TF. In all, I’ve actually got a little over $500 in the build, not counting what I got from my old components. $60 for RAM, $175 for the CPU, $20 for the cooler, $100 for the MOBO,and $185 for the GPU.

          I’m not your typical PC elitest who will drop hundreds of $$ on a new component whenever something new comes out….I’m actually pretty frugal. Hell, I got my 2600k from an Amazon vendor who was dumping his last stock, and getting out of business….and it was about 6 months after the 3rd Gen processors had come out, so he thought he’d get stuck with them ( I asked him via e-mail prior to purchase why it was discounted). So, I got a great CPU for 1/2 price. :)

  • spideynut71

    Not sure if serious….

  • Reality bites

    ZERO time. PauperStation4 is a PoS compared to high end PC!

  • Jack Slater

    Right now amd is still making some drivers that will allow access to many amazing features on the ps4 apu, these drivers won’t be finished before 2-3 years. Once Sony developers can have access to those hardware particularities/ features/etc, it’s gonna hurt…
    I remember reading something about 2 command paths(something like that, don’t know the exact tech) that GPUs use, today, and the ps4 custom apu will have 64 of them.
    Things like this could just be huge, once developers have the right tools to access the ps4 hardware at the lowest level possible.
    Amd said the ps4 apu is the most powerful one they ever built, and that includes the xbox one. Microsoft may have unlimited resources for creating software, but Sony, they do know how to build hardware. Only God knows which optimizations were made by amd, on the ps4 APU.there could be some crazy stuff inside.
    Anyway, when I see infamous second son running, with that huge hi-def city , all those destructible things and the amazing effects/characters/etc, I can only be happy for the next 2 years to come.

  • Frdjck

    I hope everyone understand that you can buy 3 PS4 for the same price as an highend PC and this PC will be highend for one year, two max if you spend more money. The PS4 will be relevant for at least 6-7 year, but the PC you are paying now 1200-1500$ will be completly obsolete in 5 year (for playing games). I bought my PC for 1000$ to play skyrim in 2011 and I can’t play BF3 at max setting with it. I would need a 800$ graphical card to make it a highend PC again. I’m buying a PS4 instead with 4 games for the same price.

    • spideynut71

      You are ignorant of the facts, and clearly a dabbler in PC gaming. You wasted $1000 on a POS PC ….that’s your fault.